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Core Values

The first 50 years that WRIT has been in business have provided a strong and stable foundation for our success. We have learned that we cannot rest on our laurels, and we must constantly seek to raise the bar, because good is the enemy of great. The following core values reflect what is truly important to our organization and are rooted in our culture:

Dedication and Respect:
We strongly believe if we focus on our customers, all else will follow.

Integrity and Ethics:
We continuously pursue distinguished financial performance through open and ethical business practices.

Excellence and Commitment:
We strive to always make a difference in our communities and work place – through our innovative and strategic thinking, community service programs and respect for the environment.

Collaboration and Passion:
We create value and synergy through local real estate expertise and the teamwork of our dedicated employees – who are our greatest asset.

For our next 50 years, we shall diligently continue our quest for excellence and our focus on these core values. We are committed to our employees, our shareholders, our tenants and our local community.

We are WRIT – We are Washington!